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Eorth® is an old English word for Earth, we pronounce Eorth the same as Earth.

Eorth® is taking you back in time where there were no plastic products or plastic packaging.

We’re going back to a time before single use plastic — with a modern twist.

More plastic has been produced in the last 10 years than was produced in the whole of the last century, and less than 5% of plastics are recycled worldwide. Clean Up Australia Day notes that over the past 20 years, plastic continues to be the most common item of rubbish picked up during clean up.

Plastic pollution is a global problem, with the biggest offender being single use plastic items. EORTH — was founded with a primary goal — to combat this problem.

It's time to remove the plastic products at the source, as we work on the solutions to the plastic problem.

Please note: While EORTH strives to be 100% Plastic Free — some stickers and biodegradable plastics on the product packaging from our suppliers may be present in the products we supply. These are noted on the individual product pages.

A word from Cathy Earle - Founder of EORTH:

As I had always considered myself to be fairly environmentally conscious, I had never considered how damaging plastics were to the environment. Like most, I figured if you put it in the recycling bin that plastic item would in turn be simply transformed into a new plastic item.

A few years ago, while participating in the Plastic Free July Challenge, and trying desperately to shop "plastic free", I realised it was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I was no longer looking for items that simply stated they were "eco-friendly" but items that truly met the criteria of caring for the environment. Products that were compostable and biodegradable.

While I discovered many eco-friendly stores that stocked a variety of environmentally friendly products, some of which were biodegradable or compostable, the majority of the products available were packaged in plastic or made with some plastic materials. This was my changing point.

I thought 'If I'm having problems sourcing plastic free products, surely I am not alone.

It was then that EORTH was born.


EORTH donates 1% of our profits to Rainforest Rescue, an Australian non-profit organisation.

Our Packaging

The packaging we use for void fill in shipping our plastic free products is plastic free! EORTH® uses a die cut kraft paper and tissue interleaf combination, secured with hemp rope, acting as a cushion to protect products during shipment.

Our packaging boxes and Jiffy bags are made from recycled cardboard, either 100% or 70% recycled and 30% virgin — depending on the parcel size.

We continue to look for alternatives to single use plastic items, and welcome your feedback and as we work towards becoming your 100% single use Plastic Free Shopping source.

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Cathy Earle – Founder
EORTH Australia

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