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Depending on the size of your order our products are packaged in recycled paper jiffy bags and cardboard boxes. Our packaging boxes are made from recycled cardboard, either 100% or 70% recycled and 30% virgin — depending on the parcel size.

Inside our cardboard box packaging we use a combination of brown mesh paper and white tissue paper, tied with hemp rope to keep parcels secure during delivery. Gummed paper tape is used to seal our cardboard packing boxes.

Some cardboard box parcels may also be packaged in additional Home Compostable satchels from Hero or The Better Packaging Co.

Our branded stickers and business cards are printed on recycled paper with vegetable based inks that are safe to compost.

Shipping notes are printed on recycled paper.

Please visit our shipping page for all shipping information.

We accept payment Stripe (credit card) and PayPal (account or credit card payments) and AfterPay.

In an effort to provide our customers with quality Plastic Free products, we have to search far and wide.

Many of our customer asks  “Are your products Made in Australia?“, as the ever growing call to buy “Australian Made” products gains traction during these uncertain global times.

While many of our products are produced right here in Australia, there are other products we source that are simply not made in Australia as the manufacturing of these products does not exist in Australia.

For many decades Australia has relied on its international manufacturing and trade partners to make and supply much of what this country consumes on a daily basis and today is no different.

While the government and the private sector are making progress to strengthen the Australian manufacturing sector, there is still a very long way to go before what we buy and use every day will all be: “Made in Australia”.

EORTH makes every effort to buy local, use local, and shop Australian in our effort to stop the use of “Single Use Plastics” in Australia and will continue to do so as our ever evolving world changes around us.

To make it easier to find Australian made products, we have added an "Australian Made" logo below the product image. To find out where a product has been manufactured check the Additional Information tab under the product description. You can also find all our Australian Made products by visiting the Australian Made section on our website.

While EORTH strives to be 100% Plastic Free some stickers or tamper proof security seals from our suppliers may be present in the products we supply. These are indicated on the individual product pages under Additional Information.

Items such as bamboo toothbrushes contain nylon bristles. We believe these are a more environmentally friendly option than plastic toothbrushes.

EORTH's business cards and stickers used for branding our delivery boxes are made from recycled paper, and the inks are safe for composting.

Our shipping order notes are printed on FSC recycled paper.

Depending on your location our parcels are delivered by Sendle, or Australia Post, both carbon neutral companies. 

We compost all food scraps and other compostable items in our office environment.

  • Cardboard boxes received from suppliers are posted on Free Pick Up Facebook Groups so that they can be reused before they are recycled.
  • Paper product void fill and single sheet cardboard received from suppliers is repurposed in customer packaging for extra void fill.
  • Products packaged with bubble wrap or biodegradable peanuts is donated for repurposing.
  • Single use plastics that come from our suppliers are sent to RedCycle. Note: we typically discontinue purchasing from suppliers that send items packaged in single use plastic.

Our EORTH branded products are 100% Palm Oil Free.

Some soaps we stock contain RSPO Palm Oil. These products are noted with the RSPO logo.

If you are not happy with any of the products you have purchased, or you have received damaged goods, please contact us so we can determine the best method to rectify the problem.

Product returns are shipped at the customers expense.

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