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Hosting a financially friendly and eco-conscious kids party

Hosting a kid's birthday party can be a joyous occasion, but it often comes with a lot of waste and ...
Plastic Free Laundry Tips

5 Tips for a Plastic Free Laundry Room

Whether you're just getting started on your plastic free journey or you've been on the path for a while there's ...
Butterfly Pea Flower Recipes

Butterfly Pea Flower Recipes

Clitoria ternatea or Butterfly Pea Flowers are a super plant you've likely never heard of - unless of course you ...
Real or Plastic Xmas Tree

The Yearly Christmas Debate: Real or Fake Tree?

You might be asking yourself this year - should I replace my old Christmas tree with a new store bought ...

DIY Chocolate Bark with Dried Berries

Cocoa butter - it's an ingredient that you may associate with cooking or more specifically with chocolate. But cocoa butter ...

Plastic Free Places
Helping businesses reduce single use plastic

I sat down with Helen Reilly, the Project Coordinator for Plastic Free Cairns and Douglas, to discuss the Boomerang Alliance's ...
Plastic Pollution and the Silicone Solution

Plastic pollution, climate change
and the silicone solution

If you care about climate change you should care about plastic pollution as well. Many people make the connection with ...

Countdown to an Eco-friendly Christmas

The horrors of a plastic Halloween are over - it's now time to switch gears to Christmas. But it that ...
5 Reasons to Celebrate Bamboo

5 Great Reasons to Celebrate Bamboo

September 18 is World Bamboo Day, a day that's dedicated to increasing the awareness of bamboo globally. You may be ...
Zero Waste - Hands Holding Plant

Zero Waste Week

Are you familiar with zero waste week? Perhaps you've heard of zero waste and thought "that's ridiculous it's not possible ...
Zero Waste Solutions using oranges

Creating solutions from orange peel waste

What's not to love about oranges? They're high in Vitamin C making them great for your health. The oils from the ...
Plastic Pollution: Discarded Tyres

Green Steel: Discarded tyres fuelling steel operations

PLASTIC POLLUTION: DISCARDED TYRES While tyres themselves present environmental issues with wear and tear contributing to microplastics flowing into the ...
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