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EORTH: Earth Before Plastic

EORTH is an old English word for Earth. A period in time before plastic existed on our planet.

At EORTH we're taking you back to a time before plastic packaging, before single use plastic products, to a time where we put Earth Before Plastic.

By now you are more than likely familiar with the global crisis of plastic pollution, with the biggest offender being single use plastic items.

EORTH was founded as one way to help combat this global crisis.

EORTH's goal is to stop plastic at the source.  If we're able to turn off the plastic tap, you are provided with the best selection of plastic free household goods Australia has to offer.

Initially we strived to open a store that was 100% (single use) plastic free, and that is our long-term goal. What we found however, is that it's very difficult to source products that meet the 100% plastic free criteria. As we began the ordering process to stock EORTH we soon realised that sourcing plastic free packaging on the outside was only the first step.

At EORTH you won't find products housed in plastic containers as we have sourced products packaged in cardboard, metal and glass or naked packaging! You may however find some stickers, tamper proof security seals or compostable plastics in some of the products we supply.

It's may not always be the perfect solution, but we believe this is a better option than purchasing plastic bottles and jars that may or may not get recycled.

As a general rule we do not stock compostable plastics that require industrial composting or silicone products.

We're always seeking alternatives to products that contain any plastic, and welcome your feedback. EORTH Australia's Plastic Free Shopping Store.



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Catherine Anne Earle

Author Bio - Catherine Anne Earle

Thanks for reading. I'm Cathy the founder of EORTH Australia, an online store that stocks only plastic free products.

I started EORTH after participating in a Plastic Free July many years ago. A few days into the Plastic Free July challenge I soon became aware of just how damaging plastics were to the environment, and although I was conscious of my consumer choices, products packaged in single use plastic and household products from of plastic materials were still very high on my list of purchases.

After lengthy searches for alternatives to plastic products I soon realised that there were a lot of eco stores that sold some plastic free products, but very few really got down to the heart of the plastics issues and said a big hard "no" to selling products that contained plastics — and that is exactly what EORTH is all about.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Management and was the owner and founder of Sun Peaks Independent News, a community newspaper based in British Columbia, Canada.

After moving back to Australia several years ago I now reside in Palm Cove a beachside suburb in my hometown of Cairns — the gateway to the Great Barrier Reef.

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4 years ago

Love your site, your blog and your efforts to clean up our shared planet, Cathy.

4 years ago
Reply to  Sherry

Thanks for the kind words Sherry.

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