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Marble Paste is a mild abrasive product that is perfect for cleaning hard surfaces such as glass cooktops, kitchen countertops and tile. This multi-purpose cleanser contains the natural scent of Lemon Myrtle and sanitises surfaces naturally.


Our Multi-Purpose Cleanser works a charm when used for polishing and scrubbing tough jobs such as bathroom grout and mold.

If you are unsure about using marble paste on new surfaces, please ensure to test in a small, out of sight area first.

We DO NOT  recommend using this Marble Paste on plated silverware.

Marble Paste is made from non-toxic ingredients: please ensure the product is kept out of reach from children.

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Instructions for using Marble Paste Multi-Purpose Household Cleanser:

For cleaning glass cooktops:

Wet a Swedish Dishcloth (or cotton kitchen cloth) and rub the cloth directly into the All Purpose Cleanser container to apply a sufficient amount of paste to the cloth.

Directly apply the cloth coated with cleanser onto your glass cooktop. The fine grit of the marble paste will work to actively remove any tough stains without scratching your glass surface.

Apply more paste as necessary until your surfaces are clean. To remove the paste, rinse your Swedish Dishcloth and continue to wipe surfaces, rinse cloth and repeat, until all marble paste residue has been removed.

For cleaning bathroom tiles and grout:

Using a small scrub brush (we recommend EORTH’s hard bristled, plastic free Small Round Scrub Brush) press the brush into the marble paste container to apply a sufficient amount of paste directly onto the brush. Scrub tiles directly with brush and repeat as necessary. To rinse the marble paste off the tile surface we recommend follow up by using a Swedish Dishcloth (or cotton kitchen cloth). Wipe the surface, rinsing and repeating until all paste residue has been removed.

For cleaning stainless steel sinks:

Depending on how much cleaning is required for your steel sinks we recommend using a combination on both of the above methods. For sinks that simply require a polish we recommend using the same cleaning technique as used for cleaning glass cooktops: apply polish directly to Swedish Dishcloth wipe, rinse and repeat.

Weight .385 kg



Metal Tin

Made In



Ground marble flour, natural soap flakes*,coconut oil*, lemon myrtle, bioflovonoid*(Bitter orange derived). *Organic Ingredients.


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