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Cardboard Pushup Tube – 40g (1)


Cardboard pushup tubes. Say no to plastic and yes to plastic free cardboard tubes. These cardboard tubes are perfect for use when solid balm formulas — and you’ll be doing it without creating any plastic waste.

These tubes hold approximately 40g of liquid/wax material.

Available separately (1) or in bundles:
1 – 40g Tube
6 – 40g Tubes
12 – 40g Tubes
25 – 40g Tubes

Also available in 8g (x-small), 12g (small) or 17g (medium)

Cardboard push up tubes: 33mm x 80mm (base to top of lid). Fills approximately 40g of liquid formula.

How do I push the contents up from the tube?

With plastic deodorant tubes you turn a dial at the bottom and the balm extends upwards — cardboard push up tubes work in a similar way, whereby you manually push the tube at the base of the container.

How do I fill the cardboard tubes?

Prior to filling your cardboard deodorant tubes, ensure that the base of the tube is secured to the bottom of the outer tube. If the base appears to be slightly separated from the very bottom of the tube, use a glass rod or solid object to push the base into place.
Failing to inspect each tube before filling may result in leakages.

How big are the cardboard tubes?

These 40g tubes are best a travel size deodorants, If you are seeking cardboard tubes to make lip balms we recommend the 8g Lip Balm tubes or the 12g Lip Balm tubes.

Is the wax used in the tube vegan?

Unlike plastic tubes, cardboard push tubes are recyclable and compostable — the ultimate zero waste solution. These push up tubes are lined with wax, as long as your formula is solid when hardened it will not leak into the paper tube.

Yes, these are vegan friendly tubes. The main components of waxed paper are cotton and petroleum wax.

Start creating your own zero waste formulas today!

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33mm x 80mm (base to lid with lid/cap on)


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