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Patch Band Aid Strips - Aloe Vera


We’ve previously discussed how bathrooms are one of the biggest waste producing areas in our homes. This is usually due to shampoos, conditioners, deodorant etc. that are all packaged in plastic. And also in part because contents the from bathroom waste bin will go straight into the general household bin rather than getting sorted into waste versus recyclables.

One item that’s typically stored in the bathroom that we’re quick to reach for when we get a cut or scratch is a band aid. It’s also an item we don’t think about when we mention “single use plastic” but it most definitely fits that category. No, you can’t recycle a band aid (ewww), but you can replace the plastic adhesive with a compostable adhesive.


Australian owned company Patch Adhesive Strips are not only natural, they’re also compostable.

How great is that!

The strips are packaged in a cardboard tube that can be placed in your recycling bin, or it’s safe to add it to your compost bin. The strips are wrapped in a compostable paper wrapper — that will breakdown quickly if left outside in the natural elements.

At EORTH we like to test the products we sell in what we call our “Bio Test Patch”, it’s a completely non-scientific patch of dirt where we place items and watch them disappear (or not) back into nature.

We can safely say Patch adhesive strips (band aids) have passed the bio test. The wrapper, backing from the back of the strip and the strip have all completely vanished.

Please note the other bits of white paper in the 2nd and 3rd images are not part of Patch Adhesive Strips, they are bits of shredded paper that got mixed into our non-scientific experiment.


The team at Patch have have been approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). This approval allowed them to change the outside wrapper (originally a bioplastic) to a paper version. Although it was already a fantastic biodegradable product, it's now 100 percent compostable and plastic free!

Patch Strips come in four different types. Activated Charcoal Adhesive Strips: Black coloured strip enhanced with activated charcoal, Natural Organic Adhesive Strips and Aloe Vera Adhesive Strips: Natural coloured strips, one enhanced with Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil Adhesive Strips: with a cute Panda designed strip that’s perfect for kids.

So next time you think of reaching for a band aid—just remember that the standard version of a band aid is made of plastic and will break apart into micro-plastics.

Do yourself and the planet a favour, have a handy supply of Patch Adhesive Strips in your first-aid kit.

Here's to your fast, effective, natural plastic free wound healing and Happy Plastic Free July.

PLEASE NOTE: The above images illustrating biodegradability are completely unscientific and performed in an unmonitored environment. This is experiment was designed to replicate a Patch Strip being discarded (littered) in a natural environment.


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